Spirograph Effect - Illustrator Tutorial

Remember the Spirograph? Relive your childhood memories with this simple yet stunning effect. Learn the "Ctrl+d" shortcut to save tons of time with repetitive tasks and try out some different brushes to get some cool variations on the same idea.

  1. Draw an ellipse - it doesn't have to be a perfect circle.
  2. Select your ellipse. Using the rotate tool, click an inch or so below your ellipse. This sets the point around which you will rotate your ellipse. Now click and drag, starting somewhere above your ellipse and moving to the right. Hold the alt key, then release the mouse button (this will make a copy of the ellipse).
  3. Your image should look about like this now:
  4. And for the cool part, just keep pressing 'ctrl+d' (command+d for macs) to repeat the last step over and over until you have a "circle of circles". For more excitement, if you can handle it, just hold down 'ctrl+d' for a while.
  5. Don't forget to try different shapes, rotation angles, and stroke & fill. Here is the same image with the 'Text Divider 15' brush applied to the paths:



Very usefull tips....


First turn your ellipse into a symbol.
Nice effect by the way!

I found this page through the Adobe Labs > Knowhow tool inside Illustrator CS3!

Cool effect

Wow, can't believe I never thought of that. Very simple way to produce the effect and easy to control how much rotation you want. Thanks for the free tutorial! :)

come on

sorry, but this is not very bright. why don't you use the transformation filter. Ths way you dont need to press ctrl+d for 60 times.
and you can change the basil form that is building the circle in the circle any time.

faster, more flexible, easy.
basic skills...

more than one way to skin a cat

"work smarter, not harder" may easily be applied to intensive repetitive tasks, and can thus see the use of the transformation filter...but c'mon...how difficult is it to hold down the ctl+d keys for this tutorial?

This is fun the way it is

This is really fun to do, as close to a manual spirograph as I've seen online. Been giggling and doodling like crazy. Fun!

spirograph effect

this tutorial is very good a thanks to writer giving it to us free. god bless you, thank you.

God bless you , too, buddy.

God bless you , too, buddy.

eeww god, nvm, kool

eeww god, nvm, kool tutorial, wish there was some more examples and may b style suggestions

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