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Learn Adobe Photoshop - the standard in photo editing and raster graphics. Here you will find Photoshop tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced and covering a broad array of topics. Whether you're looking to learn the basics or add some new tools to your arsenal, you have found the right place.

Magic Eye Stereogram - Photoshop Tutorial

Remember Magic Eye images? At first glance they appear to be a random pattern, but when you look at them a certain way, a 3d effect occurs and a separate image pops out and appears to float on top of the pattern. I saw one the other day and wondered if it might be possible to reproduce the effect in Photoshop.

Colorful Smoke Art - Photoshop Tutorial

Starting with a simple black-and-white picture of smoke, you will be making colorful abstract images.

This key to this technique is the Difference blending mode, which I've never had much use for. With a little experimentation, it can yield some very nice color combinations.

Business Site - Photoshop Tutorial

A homepage design for a fictional office supply company. Builds on my earlier header tutorial: Business Header. If you don't want to bother making the header, you can just copy the jpeg in step 1.

This tutorial uses layer styles, basic shapes, clipping paths, and masks.

Psychedelic Backgrounds - Photoshop Tutorial

A couple of unique techniques to make psychedelic backgrounds.

Both techniques make use of layer styles, filters, and a couple of lesser-known methods.

Business Header - Photoshop Tutorial

A curvy, layered corporate style header for a fictional office supply company.

This tutorial is aimed at beginning Photoshop users and makes heavy use of layer styles, basic shapes, and a little pen tool. I try to explain each step in detail.

Skull Girl - Photoshop Tutorial

Meet skull girl; half skull, half girl. I wanted to do a Halloween themed tutorial. This sounded like more fun than a jack-o-lantern.

You will take an image of a skull and an image of a girl and combine them.

Plasma Ball - Photoshop Tutorial

A plasma-like effect enclosed in a ball - so I came up with the clever title "plasma ball."

The main techniques behind this effect are the Color Dodge blending mode and using 0% fill on layers. A little experimentation with these can produce some really cool glow effects.

3D Snow Globe - Photoshop Tutorial

With Christmas just around the corner (only 4 months away), it's time to start making your holiday graphics. Today, we shall make a snow globe with a winter scene inside.

This tutorial is intended for intermediate level Photoshop users.

Carbon Fiber, Chrome, and Gold Text - Photoshop Tutorial

Make chrome, gold, and carbon fiber text with only a few layer styles.

Try out variations and come up with your own eye-catching text styles.

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