Skull Tattoo - Illustrator Tutorial

Learn about the pen tool, pathfinders, and transforming objects

while making a fairly basic but cool looking skull tattoo.

Fireworks animation - Illustrator Tutorial

An often overlooked feature of Illustrator is the ability to create Flash animations (without needing Flash). We are going to make a fireworks display to celebrate the 4th of July.

Basic Illustrator knowledge is assumed for this tutorial.

PHP Nuke Style Header - Photoshop tutorial

-by Almondj-
Learn to create a bar that can act as a banner placer or news box in Photoshop.

3D Blue LCD Alarm Clock - Illustrator Tutorial

A 3D neon blue digital lcd clock created in Illustrator with a final step in Photoshop.

This tutorial covers the Illustrator portion. Some skills to learn here are how to create perspective, blending, and adding gloss.

Quick and Easy Barcode - Photoshop Tutorial

Make a quick and easy Photoshop barcode using a couple of filters. Can be used to generate multiple bar codes if you need variation.
Based on a tutorial created by Travis Ballard of

Triple Stroke and Double Fill - Photoshop tutorial

Many Photoshop users are unaware that an object can be stroked and filled multiple times. The key is the fact that strokes and fills can be applied without using any layer styles. Here's how to do it.

Search Button - Photoshop Tutorial

Create an elegant rounded search button for your website. You will use shape layers, so the end result will be resizable. For a more subtle look, leave off the "search" text.

Spirograph Effect - Illustrator Tutorial

Remember the Spirograph? Relive your childhood memories with this simple yet stunning effect. Learn the "Ctrl+d" shortcut to save tons of time with repetitive tasks and try out some different brushes to get some cool variations on the same idea.

Kung Fu Silhouette - Photoshop Tutorial

Create a kung fu fighter silhouette in this easy Photoshop CS tutorial. Learn one method for removing the background from your images while making a nice image for an avatar or small web graphic.

3D Antique Scale - Photoshop Tutorial

Make an antique scale with a 3D feel using shape layers and layer styles in this tutorial for Photoshop. If you take the extra time to make each coin a separate shape layer, this will be almost 100% vector and can easily scale to any size.

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