Business Header - Photoshop Tutorial

A curvy, layered corporate style header for a fictional office supply company.

This tutorial is aimed at beginning Photoshop users and makes heavy use of layer styles, basic shapes, and a little pen tool. I try to explain each step in detail.

Skull Girl - Photoshop Tutorial

Meet skull girl; half skull, half girl. I wanted to do a Halloween themed tutorial. This sounded like more fun than a jack-o-lantern.

You will take an image of a skull and an image of a girl and combine them.

Flare Tool Fun - Illustrator Tutorial

I was determined to find an a use for the Flare Tool in Illustrator (why is it there, anyway?). Here is what I came up with.

You will be making some interesting graphics using the Flare Tool and the Transform Effect.

Plasma Ball - Photoshop Tutorial

A plasma-like effect enclosed in a ball - so I came up with the clever title "plasma ball."

The main techniques behind this effect are the Color Dodge blending mode and using 0% fill on layers. A little experimentation with these can produce some really cool glow effects.

3D Snow Globe - Photoshop Tutorial

With Christmas just around the corner (only 4 months away), it's time to start making your holiday graphics. Today, we shall make a snow globe with a winter scene inside.

This tutorial is intended for intermediate level Photoshop users.

3D Chess Board, King, and Pawn - Illustrator Tutorial

Make a 3D chess board and 2 chess pieces: the pawn, and the king.

Learn Illustrator's 3D tools, pathfinders, how to make a grid, basic perspective, and the Live Paint Bucket tool.

Carbon Fiber, Chrome, and Gold Text - Photoshop Tutorial

Make chrome, gold, and carbon fiber text with only a few layer styles.

Try out variations and come up with your own eye-catching text styles.

Attack Kitten Poster - Photoshop Tutorial

Fun with public domain images. You will be taking an old government poster and modifying it. This will involve using a kitten as a lethal weapon. If you are not comfortable with that concept, then you may leave now.

Had a lot of fun making this one. What can you come up with?

Illustrator sunburst tutorial

I have been getting a lot of questions about how to create a sunburst in Illustrator.

Here is the easiest method I know of to create a perfectly proportioned Illustrator sunburst.

Web banner - Photoshop Tutorial

Make a standard sized 468x60 banner. Many of the banners out there look like crap, so I'm here to teach you how to make a nice looking one.

Today, class, we will be completing an easy task with the pen tool, custom shapes, and layer styles.

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