Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to use the industry leading vector graphics program. Illustrator is great for illustration, print design, and even web design. Here you will find basic techniques, tips, and tricks to help you make the most of this powerful application.

Dot Matrix Effect - Illustrator Tutorial

Here is a technique for creating dot matrix style images which is helpful for learning about selection tools and the basics in Illustrator. First you will create an LED display and then make a simple mosaic landscape.

Business Coupon Design - Illustrator Tutorial

Make a basic coupon for an electronics company. An easy task with Illustrator.

This tutorial is intended for beginners and teaches a lot of basic skills.

Flare Tool Fun - Illustrator Tutorial

I was determined to find an a use for the Flare Tool in Illustrator (why is it there, anyway?). Here is what I came up with.

You will be making some interesting graphics using the Flare Tool and the Transform Effect.

3D Chess Board, King, and Pawn - Illustrator Tutorial

Make a 3D chess board and 2 chess pieces: the pawn, and the king.

Learn Illustrator's 3D tools, pathfinders, how to make a grid, basic perspective, and the Live Paint Bucket tool.

Illustrator sunburst tutorial

I have been getting a lot of questions about how to create a sunburst in Illustrator.

Here is the easiest method I know of to create a perfectly proportioned Illustrator sunburst.

Skull Tattoo - Illustrator Tutorial

Learn about the pen tool, pathfinders, and transforming objects

while making a fairly basic but cool looking skull tattoo.

Fireworks animation - Illustrator Tutorial

An often overlooked feature of Illustrator is the ability to create Flash animations (without needing Flash). We are going to make a fireworks display to celebrate the 4th of July.

Basic Illustrator knowledge is assumed for this tutorial.

3D Blue LCD Alarm Clock - Illustrator Tutorial

A 3D neon blue digital lcd clock created in Illustrator with a final step in Photoshop.

This tutorial covers the Illustrator portion. Some skills to learn here are how to create perspective, blending, and adding gloss.

Spirograph Effect - Illustrator Tutorial

Remember the Spirograph? Relive your childhood memories with this simple yet stunning effect. Learn the "Ctrl+d" shortcut to save tons of time with repetitive tasks and try out some different brushes to get some cool variations on the same idea.

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