Flare Tool Fun - Illustrator Tutorial

I was determined to find an a use for the Flare Tool in Illustrator (why is it there, anyway?). Here is what I came up with.

You will be making some interesting graphics using the Flare Tool and the Transform Effect.

  1. First, draw a rectangle with a black fill to cover your artboard and lock this object (click the box next to the eye in the Layers window). Select the Flare Tool (one of the shape tools in the toolbar) and click anywhere on the artboard to bring up the Flare Tool settings. Enter the following settings:

  2. This should create a glowing ball with a ring around it.
  3. Decrease the height of the flare to 25% of its original height. To do this, go to 'Object > Transform > Scale' and enter the following setting:

    You should now have this shape:
  4. Go to 'Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform' and enter these settings. In this step you are making 17 copies of the flare and rotating each one 59 degrees. Feel free to play around with any of the settings to get a variety of nice results (and some ugly ones). The Transform Effect is awesome just to play around with and see what you can produce.

    Here is how these settings should look:
  5. For a different effect, try these settings for Transform:

    Then change the blending mode to 'Hard Light' in the Transparency Window shown below (if you can't see it, make sure 'Window > Transparency' is checked):

    To produce this effect (shown at 50% size):
  6. You can also change the settings when you draw the flare to get an entirely different look. Here is one example. Make your own unique creation. If you come up with something cool, send it to info at slick tutorials dot com and I will put it up for everyone to see.


Very good your tutorial, and

Very good your tutorial, and original ... Already was a time, I was trying to figure out how to work with the flare tool, helped me a lot, congratulations! ;)


i'm starting to get the hang of AI now hope to start doing more with it, this tutorial certainly helps. thanks

Colour issues

To cure the colour issues that some peeps are having make sure:

The doc is setup RGB.

And that the black background is pure RGB black (0,0,0).

That should do it.

Very important when working with transparancies in Illustrator that you use RGB 0,0,0 for masking etc... otherwise you get funny results.


Have found that you need to

Have found that you need to select the layer which the flare is on (click the small circle next to it in the layers pallet) for it to work, the flare will be below this in the hierarchy. After you have done this use the transform. If you just select the flare nothing happens.
Make sure the background is locked on another layer (below the flare)
Click the empty grey square next to the eye on this layer to do this then click the layer which the flare is on to return to working on it.
To get any colour I had to select 'flare' and then use the expand command, Object >Expand to break it down into its parts and then use the Transparency menu, Window> Transparency to change the blend mode to normal rather than the default 'screen' which is why it comes out black and white at first.

adobe needs to replace flare

adobe needs to replace flare tool with rick flare tool


Thanx once again for sharing..!!It is really kool.

thank much for sharing


please demo step 6

How do you change the color as shown in step 6?

Still cant find flare tool

I still cant find that flare tool, I dont know what it looks like or where it might be. I tried looking at the end of the Rectangle out menu thing, I couldn't find it. Please help me

flare tool

Step:1 First go to the window tab and click on Tools.

Step 2: click and drag the rectangle tool which is available in that Tools bar.

Step 3: When you drag it you can find 4 boxes. the fourth box, which looks more or less like a star.

(No subject)

I added an image in step one showing where the flare tool is.

can u change the flare color

can u change the flare color

Changing the flare color

We can give a graphic style to the flare. Then flare will seem like the color of the graphic style.
If any one knows a better answer let me also know...

Check the earlier comments.

Check the earlier comments. Let us know if you still have a problem.

the flare had work but the backgrounds colour problem

i have try the flare tool and work great for my only problem is that when i created a black backgrounds and lock that layer, prolem is when i selected the flare tool, shouldn;t the colour be orange is instead of showing black/grey? any ideas how to fix that problem cos i m doing this in illustrator cs2

any help tip

Try using RGB color instead

Try using RGB color instead of CMYK.

To change this, go to 'File > Document Color Mode > RGB Color'

The CMYK breakdown of the

The CMYK breakdown of the black box affects the colour of the flare. C0 M0 Y0 K100 gives a white flare, so try C0 M100 Y0 K100. I can't explain it but that's how to get the effect shown above.

I got pot of things. Thanks.

I got pot of things. Thanks.

superb thanks alot for this

thanks alot for this

Flare Tutorial

Very nice technique! I am having the same trouble as the other fellow; my flare remains white even though I draw it with the orange outline. However, I think that CS2 has some pixies. I have trouble with screening sometimes not working. Tis quite bizzare.

Wow, the Flare Tool actually can do something cool

Nice work. I never thought of rotating a flare.

Nice one....

This tutorial really gave nice tips for Flare tool.....thanks for your efforts....


Really nice tutorial, I'm just starting out with Illustrator and this is the kind of techniques that make you want to continue learning, thank you,

Anyways, when I make a black square as the background the flare turns black and white, but when I remove the square the flare colors go back to normal, any ideas?

yes, i am facing this

yes, i am facing this problem too...can anyone out there please help??? ;-p


Thanx for sharing this tutorial man!! its really amazin.. appreciate it!!!!

ah damn sorry folks don't

ah damn sorry folks don't mind my comment ::P haven't noticed it's an illustrator tut not photoshop :P

haha easy mistake :)

haha easy mistake :)

i'm a noob so please help me

i'm a noob so please help me - where for blody sake is this damn Flare Tool??? i cant fin it anywhere and i understand it's not lens flare from filter>render menu.. i'm useing cs2 so maybe there is no such flare tool there i don't know realy =\

The flare tool resides at

The flare tool resides at the end of the rectangle tool fly-out menu. Just click and hold the rectangle tool and you'll see the flare tool as the last option on that sub-menu.

nice tut

thanks for the tutorial, I'm a real noob in illustrator but I understand it much better although i'm dutch I could follow your tut real easy, thanks a lot

Cannot get the outer Orange Glow

After Giving the Flare Effect in the Step 1, I am not geting the exact result as u have got. Is that any thing to play with color.

You can change the stroke of

You can change the stroke of the flare, but not the fill color. There could be a problem if you already have a stroke color set before drawing the flare. Other that that, just make sure the Flare Tool Options you use are exactly the same as mine. I can not think of any reason why it would not work.

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