Fancy Star - Illustrator Tutorial

Learn how to make a fancy star in this Illustrator tutorial. Use blending to create an interesting graphic.

  1. Create a new document, at least 500x500px
  2. Select the star tool in the tool palette, and create the following star. Use any shade of red for the color.
  3. Select the star shape, press ctrl+c to make a copy of the star, then press ctrl+f to paste the copy on top of the original star. Give the new star a yellow color. Press ctrl+t to 'free transform' the new star. Hold shift+alt while dragging one of the corner handles in to make a star about 10% the size of your original star.
  4. Select both stars, and choose 'object-blend-blend options' from the top menu. Use the following settings:
  5. Enjoy your fancy star. Try this technique with different shapes to get some interesting variations.



ty for the tips....

thanks for the tutorial

thanks for the tutorial, nice effort.......

I can't make it work either..

When I press "OK" nothing happens. As simple as that. I've tried having both shapes on the same layer and on two different layers, and still nothing happens.

Now i've just tried Objet -> Blend -> Make as a guest suggested on Mon8/20/2007 and this make it work.

Maybe this should be added to the original tutorial??

thx for the tutorial simple

thx for the tutorial
simple but good
thx u very much

Re: Star

Can you give some other colors please?

nice one man, fun to use w/

nice one man, fun to use w/ gradients as well
keep em coming

Well....fine tutorial...

A basic technique to get an effect.....good one. Thanks.

i can't do this

i am doing all this tutorial but don't be anything

Where is the problem ?

Where is the problem ?

did you us object-blend-make

did you us object-blend-make after setting the blending options?

Ctrl + Alt + B

Thanks guys. As I learn

Thanks guys. As I learn more, you will learn more, too ;).

That was really good

That was really good

this tutorials is very good and easy thanks a lot to writer

very good a thanks a lot.

Thnks! its really lovely! :D

Thnks! its really lovely! :D

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