Carbon Fiber, Chrome, and Gold Text - Photoshop Tutorial

Make chrome, gold, and carbon fiber text with only a few layer styles.

Try out variations and come up with your own eye-catching text styles.

  1. Create a new image with the dimensions 450x350px. Use the Paint Bucket Tool to fill the background with black.
  2. This tutorial has very specific settings, so it's best if you download the same font I used and follow the steps exactly. You can download it here: Viper Squadron. This package has 4 variations of the font. You want to use "Viper Squadron Solid." If you need help installing the font, check out their help/faq section. Now add the text "ST" with the following settings.

    Use a white fill for the text, which should give you this:
  3. The rest of the work will be done using layer styles. Double click the text layer in the Layers Window to bring up the Layer Styles window. Now click on 'Bevel and Emboss' and type in the values circled in red:

    Here's a quick explanation:
    1. Increasing the depth and size of the bevel will make more of a 3d look
    2. The angle and altitude basically affect the direction of the bevel. You can play around with this setting and still get a nice result.
    3. The gloss contour setting will give you an advanced highlight and shadow that is more like a real reflection 4. For the last 2 settings, you are just making the highlight lighter and the shadow darker. This will make your chrome more realistic.
  4. Now click on the Satin layer style, using the following settings. You will be using it to give some roundness to the letters.

    To do this step, I just experimented a little until I got the effect I wanted, which is this:
  5. Now select the 'Outer Glow' layer style with these values:

    The idea here is to make the text stand out more against the black background. The settings are pretty much self explanatory, except for "Precise," which gives a stronger glow effect then "Softer."
  6. Now you will make a carbon fiber look by using a pattern. Click the 'Pattern Overlay' layer style, and choose the 'Woven Wide' pattern. Drop the 'Scale' setting down to 15%.
  7. And you have glossy carbon fiber text:

  8. Or try out a yellow 'Color Overlay' instead of a 'Pattern Overlay' for gold text:


Awe Inspiring

This tutorial kicks ass especially if I'm gonna use it for my Ford Focus ST design!

Hard tasks in photoshops made easy

I would like to thank you for these great tutorials. As a novice photoshop user for my business of transforming pictures, artwork, and logo into woven tapestries. Fully understanding photoshop can help in making publications for marketing purposes that stand out in the mind of my customers. The first impression, is often the lasting impression. If any of you need to transform pictures to afghans, tote bags, wall hangings, and pillows, please stop by us on the web at or

very usefull

thanks very much, was very usefull! this is what tutorials should be like- simple and easy to follow!!!!!!

Definitely second that one.

Definitely second that one. There are so many PS tutorials out there that assume prior knowledge or understanding of the jargon the author is using. This is the perfect example of step-by-step instruction. Great job!


thnx 4 this great tutorial!!!

Thanks a ton !

Thanks a ton !

Great tutorial!

Excellent instructions and screen-shots made this very easy to follow and duplicate! Thanks!


Thanks for making this it looks great

do what I did save the image

do what I did save the image (I think it's called 7.gif) showing the patterns and crop the pattern you like then click edit>define pattern and presto you got it


I dont have the woven wide pattern , I have cs2 does that matter?


The ASHLEY font works pretty well

Text Code

thank you super
text gold and silver code??

Good stuff

You are brilliant. Excellent tutorial! What do you think of my website ?


Great work Thank you


My computer didn't want me to install that font...

Anyone want to give very specific directions as to, how to install the font?

If no one feels like doing that, perhaps give me a font that works just as well as the "viper" font that is already on the computer?

how to install Photoshop fonts

All you have to do is download the font to your desktop, unzip The fonts to your desktop, open your computer icon ( C:) and open the windows then the font folder and put the new fonts from your desktop in the folder; they will show up in Photoshop when you use Photoshop.

can you post the curves for

can you post the curves for metallic effect

Additional patterns....

I've never seen that particular pattern (Wide Woven) this CS3?

damn f*ck ! awesome !

damn f*ck ! awesome !

great work

Well done mate, thanks
really appreciated. Made my sig look cool lol

Great tutorial! Thanks!

Thanks for a great tutorial. Most of us aren't
jerks and appreciate your hard work!







it's a great tut...


This is an awesome tutorial on making text that kicks ass.

Keep up the good work.

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