Attack Kitten Poster - Photoshop Tutorial

Fun with public domain images. You will be taking an old government poster and modifying it. This will involve using a kitten as a lethal weapon. If you are not comfortable with that concept, then you may leave now.

Had a lot of fun making this one. What can you come up with?

  1. I found an awesome collection of public domain WWII posters here: Northwestern University Library. Here is the image that I chose. Right click it and choose 'Save Picture As' (IE) or 'Save Image As' (FF) to save it to your hard drive, then open it with Photoshop.

    Now get rid of the text by covering it up with the Clone Stamp Tool. I zoomed in 300% in this step. Select the tool, then select a round brush and set your brush size to 30px with a hardness of 50%. To use this tool, first Alt+click an area you want to clone. The cursor should change to the one shown:

    Then click and drag around the text to cover it up. You may need to resample the background again a few times (with alt+click) to get a good cover up. Kind of hard to explain, but play around with it a little and you should get the hang of it.
  2. Continue with the Clone Stamp Tool until the text is covered up. Add some new text, using Arial Black, 30pt, all caps, centered.

  3. Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool (or use a quick mask if you prefer), draw a selection around the soldier's thumb, then hit Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+P to paste it on to a new layer. Move the thumb layer so it is right on top of the original thumb. If you do not understand the Magnetic Lasso Tool, check out my Kung Fu Silhouette tutorial for a more detailed explanation.

    Now save this nice kitty image which came from Morguefile.

    Draw a selection around your kitty with the Magnetic Lasso Tool. It does not have to be perfect. Mine was a 30 second job.

  4. Ctrl+C your new cut out kitty layer to copy and go back to your poster and Ctrl+P to paste your cut out kitty on to the image.

    Now you need to transform kitty to fit her in to the soldier's hand. With the kitty layer selected, hit Ctrl+T to 'Free Transform'. Now rotate her by grabbing right outside of any corner and rotating it approximately 90 degrees counter clockwise.

    Now grab a corner and this time, hold shift while dragging the corner in to towards the center of the kitty to make her smaller, then move her up to the soldier's hand. Put her under the thumb layer that you cut out.

  5. Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to select the right part of the kitty that overlaps the poster border and hit the Delete key to remove it. That's it. Now please support the troops by donating your kitty. And let me know here if you come up with a cool poster of your own. I would love to see it.


What would make it

What would make it better.... I would try to put some shadow on the kitty's belly :) And maybe a bit of blur tool would make softer the sharp edges :)

Good work, i think it's funny :) I would never ever hurt an animal nor a cat... but it's just a joke :)

lighten up

I can't believe ppl have a problem with this - it's just funny


love the cat in lieu on the grenade. Another amusing thought: since the grenades used at the time were known as pineapple grenades, putting in an actual pineapple would be funny too.

It's a little known fact

It's a little known fact that they used kittens in WWI when they ran out of nades. This is not a joke, it is simply my humble tribute.

notice that your the only

notice that your the only one who thinks so


Thats pretty funny! You should try puting a head or a ketchup package next time!!!
That would be gold
The guy who sent a comment say this was lame Is a loser and needs a life
Add me at

I love this tutorial... is

I love this tutorial... is cruel and cute too... to imagine that a soldier is using a cat as a weapon... xDDD


Next time try to use an object for your tutorial examples. Animals deserve respect and cats are awesome.
Good luck.

Very cool

A great idea, I always love seeing photo manips of old war posters. Oh, and you people who are being rude, its just pixels, there are no cats being harmed, it IS funny. I don't know how you could interpret this as not good, or funny, because it is quite clearly both.
If you really don't think its either, you can email me at, and I'll explain what humour is, and what good photoshopping is.

great stuff!

haha awesome dude!



I just cant stop laughing

I just cant stop laughing

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