3D Snow Globe - Photoshop Tutorial

With Christmas just around the corner (only 4 months away), it's time to start making your holiday graphics. Today, we shall make a snow globe with a winter scene inside.

This tutorial is intended for intermediate level Photoshop users.

  1. Create a new image with the dimensions 270x250px. Fill it with any color, then give it a gradient overlay layer style as shown (everything default except colors and angle):

    And here's a pretty blue rectangle:
  2. Add a new layer and go to 'Edit > Fill'. Select pattern, then from the 'Patterns' group, select the 'Wood' pattern. Click "OK".

    Use the Rectangular Marquee tool to select the top half of the new wood layer and hit the delete key.
  3. Hit Ctrl+T to free transform the wood layer. Enlarge it and rotate the right side down about 15 degrees.

    Go to 'Filter > Render > Lighting Effects', adjust the handle as shown, and move the 'Focus' slider all the way to the right. A wider focus will make the light more diffused. You may also need to adjust the 'Intensity' depending on how strong you want the light effect to be. I was going for a subtle effect.

    The result should look about like this:
  4. Draw a circle with the ellipse tool and give it the following 'Inner Glow' layer style. In the Layers window, set the fill for this layer to 0%. This way the fill color will be hidden and only the Layer Styles will show.

    This will make the outline of your globe.
  5. Using the paint brush with a round brush and white, draw the blob of snow shown. You will cut off the bottom so it all stays in the globe in the next step.

    Make a selection that surrounds the globe by using 'Ctrl+click' on the icon for the globe layer in the Layers Window. See image for where exactly to click:
  6. The selection ("marching ants") should look like this now:
  7. Go to 'Select > Inverse' to reverse your selection area. Now everything except the area of the globe is selected.

  8. Select the snow layer by clicking it in the Layers Window. Now hit delete and the snow should fit nicely in to the globe.
  9. Add 2 trees (I will use the lazy method and use the tree shape built in to Photoshop). Use the Custom Shape tool to draw the trees:
  10. Here are your happy little trees, as Bob Ross would say:
  11. Make a small circle and give it a drop shadow. This will form the base of a snowman.
  12. And a gradient overlay:

    For this result:

  13. Make 2 smaller copies of the snowball to complete your snowman.
  14. Use the Pencil tool to make 2 eyes and the Line tool to make a carrot nose.
  15. Add some snowflakes using the Pencil tool at various widths.
  16. Create a new layer and draw a selection with the Elliptical Marquee tool
  17. Set up a transparent to white gradient:
  18. Draw a gradient with the gradient tool, starting in the bottom left corner of your selection and ending at the top right corner.

  19. Create a new layer, and with the Elliptical Marquee tool, draw a circular selection approximately the size of the globe.

  20. With the Rectangular Marquee tool, hold Alt while drawing rectangular selections to subtract from the circular selection. Do this on the top and on both sides until you have the selection shown.

  21. Fill your selection with any color (with the Paint Bucket tool). I used black.

  22. Give this layer a Gradient Overlay with these settings:

    Now you have a nice metallic base for the globe.

  23. Make a new layer and draw a black ellipse to make a shadow. Go to 'Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur' and enter a 'Radius' of 5.0px. Drop the opacity of this layer to 25%.

  24. All you need to do now is change the order of the layers. Do this by clicking and dragging the layers in the Layers window. Make sure that the layers are arranged like this:
    1. Gloss 2. Globe 3. Everything inside the globe 4. Globe Base 5. Shadow 6. Wood layer and background


Very easy to follow, now I

Very easy to follow, now I know how to make my own christmas card from scratch.

awesome!!!! this is sooo

awesome!!!! this is sooo cool!!! if it is possible can you show more?? but you don't have to... still it's soo coool!!! how do you do all this?? hehe


Step 10: when i put the trees, they're always light blue like the glass!! I try to color them white but it doesn't work! what's wrong? i want to finish it (it's great!) please help me! thank you

The "glass orb" tutorial

The "glass orb" tutorial made into something that is not.
Stand looks really crappy.

step 4

I changed step 4. Does it make sense now?

Step 4

Step 4 sucks

Nicely done!

Good, clear and easy to follow tut!
(Step 4 could have been clearer though ;) )
I managed to get somewhat the same results as you, and I like that!
Keep up the good work!

Im stuck on stage 4 whenever

Im stuck on stage 4
whenever i add inner glow it does inner glow on the background not the elipse tool
and I tried it on a new layer as well but that doesn't do anything either i need help...
plz tell me what to do :(

you have to make a new layer

you have to make a new layer and fill the elipse tool it with white, then set the layer blending to multiply, which will hide the fill color of white. Only the glow will show.

he probably should have said that...

wao excelent

wao excelent


its nice and easy,.,., and im having fun while Im doing the tutorial,., :)

Very nice

It's very easy to follow and I really like the out come of it.
I'll make sure to try this when I get home XD

great work..

this is a great tutorial because of its uniqueness and i also love the ball. however the wood and the bottom of the globe needs some work. but i like the tutorial. great work.

- Likenota.com

Sure, but I wanted to keep

Sure, but I wanted to keep it simple. This one's really about the globe.


I tried to make this snow globe but at the 4th step i always get a problem:
When I try to make the circle, it fills automatically the inside of the circle, and when i try to do that inner glow style, the inside is always black...?? so what should i do ??

Sorry for the late reply,

Sorry for the late reply, but if you happen to see this, try setting the fill for the layer to 0%. If this is not clear, check the Plasma Ball tutorial to see an image showing how to do this.

Nice tutorial...

Nice tutorial...

Very nice tut. Easy to

Very nice tut. Easy to follow and great looking result.

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