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Free Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials that are detailed and easy to follow. A place to learn the basics or add some tools to your arsenal.

Free psd - "Slick" website layout

Up for grabs is a free Photoshop CS3 .psd for a modern, clean and colorful web layout. You are free to use this as you please for personal use. For commercial use please contact me (I won't charge anything, but there are a couple images that would need to be removed). A link to slicktutorials.com would be greatly appreciated.

Free Geometric Patterns

12 free seamless geometric patterns. Use however you want to, but please link to slicktutorials.com if you want to distribute them. And do let me know if you like them and want to see more in the future!

Dot Matrix Effect - Illustrator Tutorial

Here is a technique for creating dot matrix style images which is helpful for learning about selection tools and the basics in Illustrator. First you will create an LED display and then make a simple mosaic landscape.

Magic Eye Stereogram - Photoshop Tutorial

Remember Magic Eye images? At first glance they appear to be a random pattern, but when you look at them a certain way, a 3d effect occurs and a separate image pops out and appears to float on top of the pattern. I saw one the other day and wondered if it might be possible to reproduce the effect in Photoshop.

The Best Tutorials

Just a quick plug for another site I started which is a roundup of some of the best tutorials on the Web: The Best Tutorials.

Colorful Smoke Art - Photoshop Tutorial

Starting with a simple black-and-white picture of smoke, you will be making colorful abstract images.

This key to this technique is the Difference blending mode, which I've never had much use for. With a little experimentation, it can yield some very nice color combinations.

Business Site - Photoshop Tutorial

A homepage design for a fictional office supply company. Builds on my earlier header tutorial: Business Header. If you don't want to bother making the header, you can just copy the jpeg in step 1.

This tutorial uses layer styles, basic shapes, clipping paths, and masks.

Psychedelic Backgrounds - Photoshop Tutorial

A couple of unique techniques to make psychedelic backgrounds.

Both techniques make use of layer styles, filters, and a couple of lesser-known methods.

Business Coupon Design - Illustrator Tutorial

Make a basic coupon for an electronics company. An easy task with Illustrator.

This tutorial is intended for beginners and teaches a lot of basic skills.

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